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As manufacturers of dental instruments we give you a big spectrum of high quality products. If you have any further questions regarding our products or would like to have an individual offer, we are at your disposal.

The company-portrait

Founded in 1840 the Daniel Kürten GmbH & Co. KG disposes of more than 175 years of experience and tradition. After two turns of a century in service of manufacturing of dental instruments our company presents itself now in a modern and innovative way and more future-oriented than before.

That means for our customers:

An outstanding cost effectiveness, because our instruments can be bought directly from manufacturer without a detour over the wholesale trade.

An outstanding quality, as our qualified surgical machanics use only high quality stainless steels for the manufacturing of our instruments.

Further cost effectiveness: By renunciation of cost instnsive external sales staff we can calculate our prices in a sharper way.

MED/CERT Certification

EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2007

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We give you a big spectrum of high quality products.

Order catalogue

Amalgam instruments | Artery forceps | Bone curettes | Bone files | Cheek and lip retractor | Chisels | Collagen fleece | Colour coding | Composite Instruments | Container/Kassetten | Curettes | Cutting instruments | Elevator | Enamel chisels | Excavators | Forceps | Forceps | Instruments for crown work | Matrix and matrix retainer | Micro surgery | Mouth gags | Mouth mirrors and handles | Needle holders | Nerve-canal and root-canal condenser | Papilla elevator | Periodontia instruments | Pinsel | Plastic filling instruments | Probes | Provisional prothesis lifter | Raspatories | Retractors | Root elevators | Rubber-dam instruments | Scalers | Scalpels | Scissors | Sharpening stone | Spatulas | Spreaders | Surgical suture | Syringes and cannulas | Thread Layer | Tweezers


We consider SERVICE one of the main aspects of our business philosophy! A part of our service, we offer our customers a repair service including the following work processes:


If you have further questions regarding our products or want to receive our catalogues, feel free to contact us.

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